Good likes to dislikes ratio

Poor likes to dislikes ratio

Generally very short video duration (On average 54 seconds based on the data provided). 
According to MiniMatters, the number of audiences will diminish over the length of your video.
Wistia also reported that comparing a 4-5 minutes video to a 1-2 minute video, the former would have less than 60% of audiences still with you while the latter would have 75%.

On average, among the top ten most popular YouTube videos, the shortest was 42 seconds, and the longest was 9 minutes and 15 seconds. The average video length was 4 minutes and 20 seconds.
ComScore reported that in January the duration of the average online content video was 4.4 minutes. While there is a range in video lengths, it seems that short videos tend to be more effective in audience retention.



Which content is most shared on Twitter?


Which content is most shared on Facebook?

Based on the latest collected data on Comedy Central Asia, we have looked into the number of shared posts and likes of Comedy Central Asia's videos onto Twitter and Facebook to analyse which content has garnered the most form of social media engagement. Here, we can see that South Park has received the highest twitter engagement whereas Comedy Central Stand-Up Asia has the highest accumulated Facebook likes. Therefore, it would be beneficial to focus primarily on these two content for future content creation (such as full videos, snippets or special episodes. This allows them to produce content that is relevant to their followers and simultaneously engage them.

Comedy Central Asia's Audience Demographics


Asian representation

Comedy Central Asia has been successful in representing Asians to tailor to the preferences of Asian audiences, making it more appealing and relatable for them. This can be seen by the feature of Asian online personalities and comedians such as Jennifer Hsiung, Jason Leong, Ryan Sylvia (Night Owl Cinematics), Danny Cho, Keren Bala Devan.

Short snippets of videos

Short snippets of videos are uploaded as a preview so audiences can decide to watch the full video if the previewed content appeals to them.


Not everyone is subscribed to the TV channel

How Comedy Channel Asia works is that they upload previews of episodes on their YouTube channel and the full episode will not be made available on YouTube - those interested must subscribe to the TV channel to watch the episode. However, not everyone may be subscribed to the TV channel. On top of that, some people just want their content to be available on YouTube. They do not wish to go through the hassle of going out of this platform to watch content. In this process, potential audiences may be lost.

No proper engagement

There is no proper engagement as there is no full-length content that engages with users (most videos last 30-45 seconds, an average of 54 seconds per video).

Infrequent and inconsistent uploads

When a channel uploads infrequently, audiences tend to “forget” about them, resulting in dormancy and disengagement. 

Not everyone subscribes to the TV channel

Low engagement with audience

Unattractive content quality

Lack of new videos, inconsistent upload frequencies

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