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Why Abolish Comedy Central Asia?

Comedy Central gains an average of 3,831 subscribers a day

Comedy Central Asia gains an average of 4 subscribers a day

Comedy Central usually uploads content on a daily basis

Comedy Central Asia's content uploads tend to be irregular, spanning across weeks, or even months

Popular Trends

Interest over time for Food King (Ryan Sylvia) since the start of their series

“Control a day in my life” videos are widely popular as well, audiences would definitely want to be engaged in controlling the lives of celebrities/comedians that they follow

Motivational and empowering videos are extremely popular and well received 

Controversial social issues are also extremely popular and well received 


Comedy Charity Runs

Monthly formats that feature comedians and celebrities collaborating and producing exciting content to raise money and awareness for charity, one laughter at a time. Referencing to the most liked videos, some of the popular content features charity. Hence, it will be beneficial to also feature such content to capture the audience’s interest in giving back to the community.

Music Video and Music Parodies

The most common type of parodies we can find on YouTube are parodies of mainstream Westernized movies and music. What Comedy central can do - parodies of not just mainstream American movies and musics but also other genres in Asia such KPOP, CPOP, JPOP etc.

Comedy Documentaries

Inspired by Asian Boss & Vice, Comedy Central can consider producing documentaries that address thought-provoking topics which are immersive, ground-breaking and often bizarre stories that change the way people think about the society. As these content tend to be produced on a serious note, Comedy Central can add a refreshing element of humor which allows the audience to learn the controversial issues in a light-hearted manner.

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