Target Audience


Xiao Ming

20 y/o 
Lives with parents in Singapore
Diploma in Business Administration 
Loves binge watching YouTube
Emotional, soft hearted
Use mobile phones to view videos

Facebook +++++
Youtube +++++
Whatsapp ++++
Instagram ++++
Snapchat ++

Real Talk
Our Grandfather Story
Ryan Sylvia
Shark Tank
TED Talk

Full Color
Music (Pop and Indie)


Always-connected devices driving video media in Southeast Asia (SEA)

Smartphone boom in SEA is the biggest factor driving video consumption. Mobile connectivity (number of mobile connections compared to population) was at 141% (not unique users) in 2018 & expected to grow in 2019

Consumers in Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines spend an average of 4 hours on mobile internet everyday - more time than both China (3.5hours) and the US (2.2 hours) and the numbers are only going to keep growing. 

SEA’s YouTube users drive 20% of all video consumption around the world, and 83% of users in SEA watch online video daily.

Streaming videos on smartphones: The worst things that can happen to an audience are delays and poor video quality. This happens when the content creators’ videos are not made for small screens. Hence, it is important that the uploaded videos are screen and speed optimized so that audiences are able to enjoy high speed quality content.

Locals want local content

YouTube Rewind (Singapore) 2018 saw six out of top 10 trending videos of the year produced by local creators, signaling a growing eagerness of Singaporeans to watch more Singaporean content.

The list of top videos are determined not just by views, but also take into account ways in which audiences interact with the videos including likes, shares and comments. The top trending videos are those which spiked the most during the year.

Highlights the importance on creating content that local audiences can relate to.

Take Ramadan, for example. While there is understandably a spike in video searches for spiritual content, there is also an increase in searches related to traditions about food and family.

Audience Interest


Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, rest data N.A.)

Reviewing the top 15 trending videos of each country, we classified the following:

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